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What should I do if the lights go out?
What is the Commitment to Community charge?
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For Your Business
Backup Generator Program
Economic Development
Energy Management Services
New Construction Program
RFP for Energy Efficiency
Schools Program
Shared Savings Program
Environmental Services
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Compressed Air Leak Detection
Infrared Inspections
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Green Power for Business
Main Street Efficiency Program
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For Your Home
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Residential Programs
Appliance Recycling Program
Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
Central Air conditioner Tune-up
Home Heating Assistance Programs
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
Multifamily Energy Savings Program
New Homes Program
Renewable Energy Incentive
Residential Rewards Program: Home & Water Heating
More incentives and credits
Home Energy Suite
The Home Owners Guide
Water Saving Tips

Community Benefits
Low Rates
Energy & Safety Education
Electric University Meter Lab
Energize Your Library Partnership
Energy Cycle
KEEP Scholarships
Local Circuit
National Theatre for Children
Community Involvement
Speakers Bureau
Public Power Week
Energy Tips for Kids
Photo Gallery

Our Environment
Renewable Energy Program
Renewable Energy Incentive
Frequently Asked Questions
Green Power for Business
Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles
Tree Trimming and Planting in the City
Recycling of electronics, bulbs, and batteries
Solar Energy Projects

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