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Electric Department : Electric Service Policy
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Sturgeon Bay Utilities Electric Service Policy

When planning the construction of a building or renovation of an existing building where electric service is needed or the existing electric service is to be upgraded, please inform Sturgeon Bay Utilities so we can be a part of the planning process.

If the existing electrical facilities are not adequate for the customers needs, Sturgeon Bay Utilities will provide a cost estimate of the materials and labor to upgrade, extend or move the electric facilities. The estimate must be paid in full before the work will begin. Upon completion the customer will be billed for additional costs or receive a refund depending on the actual cost of construction. It some cases a utility easement will be needed before the work can begin.

The electric service and meter location shall be confirmed by Sturgeon Bay Utilities. Sturgeon Bay Utilities Electric Service Application and Electric Affidavit needs to be completed prior to energizing any new service. The Electric Affidavit must also be completed prior to any service upgrade.

All new or upgraded services shall be inspected by the appropriate city/town authorized inspector before it can be energized. Electric services that are installed without the proper permits, approvals, and inspections will not be connected to ensure the safety of the public.

When requesting to have an existing service disconnected, the request shall be made at least 48 hours prior to the date the work is to be done schedule permitting.

Available Service Voltages:

Single Phase – 120/240 volt 400 amp maximum
Single Phase – 120/208 volt 200 amp maximum

Three Phase - 120/208 grounded wye
Three Phase - 277/480 grounded wye
Three Phase – 120/240 four wire – must be fed from overhead and will not exceed 400 amps

All Three-Phase services requiring a transformer size of 300 kva or larger will only be serviced from a padmount transformer.

Underground Service Installations

All underground services that were installed before January 1, 1993 or any service that is not in conduit is not owned or maintained by Sturgeon Bay Utilities. When a locate is requested on such a service it is the customers responsibility to locate the service.

For all new services, the customer is responsible for the cost of trenching, sand backfill, conduit and conduit installation. Trenching and conduit installation must be done by a contractor meeting Utility qualifications for excavating and installation. Sturgeon Bay Utilities will furnish and install the wire services rated 200 amps or less. For services of 400 amps or more the customer must also furnish and install the wire.

Underground Primary Installations

All extensions more than 200’ in length will require the installation of 7200-volt primary wire, conduit and a padmount transformer. Sturgeon Bay Utilities will provide a cost estimate for all of this work. This estimate will include all materials, labor and transportation for installation. The deposit for the full amount and a utility easement are necessary before construction can begin. This estimate does not include the cost of trenching and sand backfill. The customer is responsible for hiring an excavator meeting Utility qualifications. Once selected, SBU will work with the contractor to coordinate the installation.

Utility Approved Excavators

Sturgeon Bay Utilities Service Policy allows customers and developers to contract an excavator directly. The selected contractor works with SBU during the installation process. This is done to allow the customer to work with a contracted excavator of choice. The ability to hire a contractor of choice often leads to a financial savings as the contractor selected by the customer may be furnishing other site work for the project.

Utility Authorized Excavators are contractors that have provided service to SBU previously and have demonstrated sound work practices, efficiency and ability to follow direction during an installation. SBU gives opportunity for new contractors to assist with installations at a customer’s request. If the project is done to the Utilities specifications the contractor may be added to our list of Approved Excavators.

Overhead Service and Primary Installations

Any overhead service of 100’ or less that can adequately be served by existing facilities will be provided free of charge. All other installations may be subject to a charge or cost estimate for construction of new facilities.

Sturgeon Bay Utilities strongly recommends that all new services and service upgrades be done by a licensed, utility approved electrician. Any customer that chooses to do their own electric work and that work causes Sturgeon Bay Utility crews to make multiple trips to the jobsite and/or prohibits them from performing their work in a timely manner will be subject to a charge. All work must meet the standards required by SBU, NEC, NESC, PSC and COMM. If any part of the work fails to meet any of these standards the service will not be energized until all corrections are made.

Revised October 1, 2008

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