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Frequently Asked Questions : What is the Fire Flow and Refuse Charge on my bill?
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What is the Fire Flow and Refuse Charge on my bill?

Fire Flow Charge

In 1988, legislation was enacted which gave the governing body of any city, village, or town the option of collecting the Fire Flow charge either through the tax levy or as a direct charge on general service water customer bills or as a combination of the two.

The Fire Flow (also known as hydrant rental charge) recovers the costs related to the capacity of the system available to fight fires within the municipality's water service area. These costs include a portion of the wells, pumps, storage facilities, water mains, hydrants and an estimated quantity of water for this purpose.

Refuse Charge

As of January 2005, the cost of refuse collection would no longer be paid for from your property taxes. It has been shifted to a user fee and will cost each collectioin unit $8.73 per month. The fee will be shown on your bill as a refuse collection fee. Questions concerning the refuse fees should be made to the Public Works Department at (920) 746-2912.

If you would like more information on these charges, visit the City of Sturgeon Bay's web site.

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