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Frequently Asked Questions : What is the Commitment to Community charge?
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What is the Commitment to Community charge?

In locations throughout the country, the electric power industry is being restructured or “deregulated.” Should this happen in Wisconsin, new, out-of-state suppliers would likely begin selling electric power in our state. These new competitive pressures could force Wisconsin’s utilities to abandon their traditional programs designed to benefit the public, including energy conservation programs and voluntary contributions to low-income assistance programs.

By creating the Commitment to Community Program in 1999, Wisconsin’s lawmakers demonstrated their interest in preventing this problem before it occurs. It is clear that industry restructuring should not impair the good that comes from energy conservation programs and other services traditionally provided by utilities. These funds are dedicated to energy programs that benefit the public. A portion of the funds is used for energy efficiency and conservation programs open to all customers, and the remainder will be used for home weatherization programs and other initiatives that help qualifying households afford the energy they need.

Money collected from investor-owned utilities are sent to the state, where programs are administered. As your commmunity-owned and operated utility, we’ll do our best to make sure the funds we collect are used in ways that make a difference — to you, your neighbors and our overall quality of life right here in Sturgeon Bay.

Commitment to Community funding gives us the power as a community to help protect families, local businesses and our environment.

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