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Infrared inspection services are a cost effective way to locate electrical faults and mechanical problems due to overheating prior to failures and emergency repairs. Examples of items that can be scanned include electric connections, circuit breakers, motors and capacitor banks. The tests and inspections are in compliance with the current standards for Infrared Thermography Inspection/Testing including: ASNT, ASTM, ANSI, EPRI, IEEE, NEMA, NETA and OSHA.

Infrared inspections can also be utilized to locate areas of heat loss. Examples of this type of use include detecting areas of air infiltration or lack of insulation in a building envelope. Also, this type of inspection can determine the heat loss for tanks holding hot water, molten metal or plastic.

Upon completion of the infrared inspection service, the vendor will submit a written report to the customer containing the following information:

  • A complete list of all of the electric systems and equipment scanned.
  • An analysis of each condition that requires further investigation or correction.
  • An infrared image and a still camera photo of each problem detected. The images will be displayed side-by-side and each shall have an indication of the specific location of the problem.
  • The analysis of each problem will indicate the temperature of the "hot spot", the temperature rise of the "hot spot" over ambient temperature, an evaluation of the cause of the problem, and a recommendation for repair or correction.
The report provides the customer with information needed to correct the problem(s) before they cause serious destruction of equipment and/or expensive outages, or become safety issues for the public and/or employees.

For more information about this service, please call our office and ask to speak with our Energy Services Representative.

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