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Winter preparation tips for homes and businesses (11/30/2011)

Colder weather often means higher heating and energy costs and we have several suggestions for homeowners and businesses to prepare for the winter months ahead.

Now is an excellent time to target energy-saving maintenance projects for homes and businesses, starting with heating systems.  We recommend an annual tune-up and professional furnace inspection by a qualified technician to help ensure the furnace is ready to operate safely and efficiently before winter.  It is also important to replace or clean furnace filters once a month for maximum efficiency; dirty filters restrict air and heat flow.  An old furnace may also be a cause for concern if it is not performing efficiently or needs upgrading, in which case residential and business customers should consider replacing the older unit with a high-efficiency model.

We also encourage customers to consider additional maintenance in time for winter.  Inspecting the siding of a home or business is another recommended pre-winter step.  Extreme weather can damage siding and it is important to check the exterior of a home or business to ensure it is not loose, cracked or damaged.  Smaller improvements like caulking around doors and windows, checking weather stripping or installing a programmable thermostat offer additional energy-saving benefits.  Installing energy-efficient doors and windows will also help increase energy efficiency by sealing drafts and reducing air flow to help the home or business retain heat.

We offer a range of services to help with energy-efficiency improvements.  For more energy-saving ideas and information about programs to help improve energy efficiency at your home or business, contact us at (920) 746-2820.

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