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Leading by Example efforts earn recognition (11/2/2010)

Thank you, Sturgeon Bay. By supporting a proactive approach to energy conservation, we’ve earned recognition for Leading by Example.

As your locally owned utility, our goal is to demonstrate ways that homeowners and business managers can save on utility bills and reduce our reliance on traditional energy resources. For us, that meant taking steps such as:

  • Developing a policy to pursue energy efficiency;
  • Implementing efficiency measures in municipal buildings;
  • Installing a community-based renewable project; and
  • Purchasing renewable energy to offset usage in municipal facilities.
For you, our customers, that could translate into steps such as:
  • Making a commitment to save energy and trim operating costs in the year ahead;
  • Requesting an energy audit and taking advantage of technical assistance from our staff to learn ways in which you could achieve those savings;
  • Taking simple steps that may qualify for energy-efficiency rebates and incentives;
  • Purchasing renewable energy to offset all or part of your monthly energy usage.
Together, we’ll continue to improve energy savings, preserve the environment and contribute to a sustainable energy future.

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