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Front Page News

Electric costs are up.

Help Control Rising Energy Costs.

A variety of factors are driving the increase in electric costs including our ever growing demand for electricity. There are steps we all can take to control the amount of electricity we use, and, ultimately, control our monthly electric bill.

We know it's a difficult message to hear, but the plain truth is that energy costs are rising and will likely continue to rise.

Sturgeon Bay Utilities, and our power supplier, Wisconsin Public Power, Inc., are working hard to control costs and limit cost increases. Sturgeon Bay Utilities’ customers should expect their electric costs to increase over the over the next several months. The changes in the electric costs will occur in the fuel cost adjustment and not in the base electric rate. In other words, the less electricity you use, the lower the adjustment will be to your account.

Average Home Energy Usage

Click here for things you can do to reduce your electric consumption or visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energry Saver$.

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