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Front Page News

Sturgeon Bay Bridge Dredge Spoil Disposal

SBU Canal Property

Sturgeon Bay Mayor Dennis McIntosh was pleased with the news that Roen Salvage Company has been awarded the contract by the Wisconsin DOT for dredging of the channel to support the new downtown Sturgeon Bay bridge.

In addition to the news that a locally-owned business had been awarded the work, it was also determined that the dredge material would be disposed of at the Canal Property site owned by Sturgeon Bay Utilities. The approximately 180,000 cubic yards of material resulting from the work will be transported by barge to the disposal site, thus eliminating the 20,000 plus one-way trips that would have been made by dump trucks had a land-based disposal site been selected.

According to Mayor McIntosh, City officials were concerned with the safety issues on local and county roads had the dredge materials been transported to a land-based site. In addition, those same roads would have required repairs once the dredging project was completed. City and Utility officials worked extensively with the DOT, its consultants and the potential dredging contractors to ensure that those concerns were recognized.

With the award to Roen Salvage, Sturgeon Bay Utilities also announced that most of Barge Road, transversing the middle of the Canal Property, would be closed for the duration of the dredging project. This closure is due to safety concerns with the heavy trucks that will travel Barge Road from the water to the open field in the middle of the property where the spoils will be dumped. In addition, deer hunting, which is normally allowed on the property with SBU’s permission during bow season, will not be allowed at the Canal Property until November 1st or later, depending on the contractors’ progress in disposing of the spoils. Any members of the public who should inadvertently find themselves in this area should be aware that the dredge spoils in this field have the consistency and characteristics of quicksand. Since the spoils field may be seven or more feet deep, this area poses a hazard to any trespassers.

Sturgeon Bay Utilities and Roen Salvage have worked closely with the Wisconsin DNR to ensure that the environmental impacts of this activity are held to a minimum. If you have any questions concerning this project, please contact Paul Zoellner of the Wisconsin DOT, or Jim Stawicki at Sturgeon Bay Utilities.

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