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Front Page News

Aeration System Upgrade Completed

On October 20th and 26th, 2005, Sturgeon Bay Utilities (SBU) staff endeavored to improve the biological process employed at the Wastewater Treatment Facility by replacing certain components of the aeration system.

Air is utilized within the treatment process to assure the health of bacteria that serve to break down common waste matter that ultimately end up in a solid form that is classified as Exceptional Quality (EQ) by the Department of Natural Resources. This Class “A” product is then delivered to a local nursery and applied as a soil conditioning agent.

The new fine bubble aeration system serves as a major improvement not only from the standpoint of operating efficiencies at the facility, but to the overall benefit of the treatment process as a whole. “With this system, we are now able to better balance the amount of air that is distributed to our aeration basins and to keep our biological process running at its optimum level”, states David English, Manager of Water/Wastewater Operations for SBU. “With the expertise of our staff, we were able to procure the necessary components of the system and install it ourselves, saving funds that would have otherwise been spent on a contractor to perform the work.”

This project is but one example of the many ways in which SBU is always striving to maximize efficiencies at its treatment facilities. There are a number of capital related projects slated for the next 12-14 months at the facility. According to English, “The facility was constructed in 1980 and, as such, is aging in a number of ways. These projects are aimed at keeping our facility running as efficiently and reliably as possible with our main focus of regulatory compliance and continued customer service guiding the way.”

The Sturgeon Bay Wastewater Treatment Facility serves not only the City of Sturgeon Bay, but as a regional facility for a number of communities on the Door County peninsula.

For information regarding the Wastewater Treatment Facility, please contact Sturgeon Bay Utilities at (920)746-2820.

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