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Brighten the holidays through smart energy use

The holiday season can shine brightly without resulting in high electricity bills, according to SBU. The following are some ways that customers can save.

  • Look first at lighting to save energy and money. LED holiday light strands require a modest investment, but use up to 90 percent less energy than incandescent holiday lights. They come in indoor and outdoor styles, in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Made of plastic rather than glass, these durable lights can last up to 100,000 hours. 

  • Keep track of time. Install a simple timer for indoor and outdoor lights to keep them on six hours or less per day. And while they’re on, enjoy their glow. Turn off other inside lights and use candles for maximum holiday ambience. 

  • Consider fiber optics. These colorful trees and decorations often contain a single color-changing bulb. 

  • Make the most of holiday goodies and  oliday guests. Load up the oven when it’s on, and use the microwave when possible for energy savings. Because having the oven on or the house full will create added warmth, don’t forget to turn down the heat. Also remember to turn down the temperature when using a fireplace so more of the home’s heat doesn’t escape out the chimney – and ask Santa to bring a programmable thermostat to help control heating costs year-round. 

  • Buy energy-efficient electronics for the home or as gifts. For example, ENERGY STAR®-certified televisions are an average of 20 percent more energy efficient than conventional models. Keep in mind that bigger screens tend to require more electricity, and that LED-backlit LCDs are generally the most efficient type of flat-panel TV available today.

As your locally owned, not-for-profit utility, SBU strives to maintain reliable, friendly service at affordable rates.

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