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Front Page News

Coming soon: new ENERGY STAR standards for dishwashers and clothes washers

New ENERGY STAR standards are set to take effect for both dishwashers and clothes washers this year.

The new dishwasher standards, due August 11, set limits for maximum energy use (in kilowatt-hours per year) and water use, whereas previous standards were based on Energy factor. Because more than half of the energy consumed by dishwashers is used to heat water, the new water limits will contribute significantly to efficiency.

Meanwhile, the first phase of a revised standard for ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers and residential-style commercial washers will take effect July 1. This initial specification will require a minimum Modified Energy Factor (MEF) of 1.8 and a maximum water factor (WF) of 7.5. Come January 1, 2011, the requirements will increase again to a minimum MEF of 2.0 and a maximum WF of 6.0.

Source: Focus on Energy’s ENERGY STAR Extra

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