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Drive $mart, See $avings

Take the Drive $marter Challenge, choose fuel efficiency actions and immediately see your savings calculations add up. Redeem coupons after the challenge and learn how to be more fuel efficient and save money.

Focused on transportation, the Drive $marter Challenge campaign builds on the 6 of Energy Efficiency concept with a fresh, new web site and a sophisticated interactive challenge.

A calculator computes not only an individual's savings through her or his individual actions, but also computes a running tally of savings by everyone who has taken the challenge.

It demonstrates the impact of one person's actions multiplied by similar fuel-efficiency actions of family members, friends, and colleagues of all the people who share the tips and challenge others to participate.

How you drive and maintain your vehicle can either increase or decrease your vehicle's fuel efficiency and your gas costs. Consider these simple money saving gas tips that can add up to savings worth weeks of groceries or other needs for you and your family. Why pay more at the pump than you have to?

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